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Oxford win the 2021 Lightweight Men's Boat Race

Watch the official coverage of the 2021 interactive investor Lightweight Boat Races here:

Produced by Row360; commentary from Martin Cross and Tom Ransley.

2021 Blue Boat


Cox - Cici Hong (St. Catz)

Stroke - Ed Lamb (St. Anne's)

Seven - Edmund Mortimer (Christ Church)

Six - Aggy Crumpton (Queen's)

Five - Nick Ryan (University)

Four - Ben de Jager (Trinity)

Three - Harrison Kieffer (Kellogg)

Two - Daniel Craig-McFeely (Queen's)

Bow - Ed Campbell (Wadham)

Warming up before the 2pm start.

Earlier in the day, the official challenge was laid out - but this year slightly different from normal. Instead of Putney to Mortlake, the 5k stretch was between Queen Adelaide bridge and Littleport. At 2pm, the Blue Boats lined up going into the bridge and, when level, were set off by umpire Clare Harvey (and also to the rapturous cheers of many home supporters).

The crews taking the first stroke of the race, just beyond Queen Adelaide bridge. Photos taken by Nordin Catic.

The crews both got off to a quick start, with Oxford rating slightly higher at 46 strokes per minute. By about 750m in, Oxford had edged out to a 3/4L lead. The next 2000m was a real contest, the Cambridge crew putting in repeated efforts to get level and Oxford pushing on but failing to fully break into clear water.

The crews row down the Ely straight. Many spectators witnessed the start and quickly jumped into their squad minibuses to beat the boats to the next viewing spot.

Cambridge maintained contact until just before an inlet marking the final 2k of the course. Using the marker as a point to push off, Oxford broke clear and cox Cici Hong was able to move over to the slightly faster water and wash the opposition down.

Oxford finally break clear.
Cambridge maintain pressure on the Oxford Blue Boat.

Despite a late Cambridge push to close the gap from a full length of clear water to half a length, Oxford held on until the finish line to take the win by 1.5 lengths.

Celebrations crossing the line.
The result sinking in.
Returning Blues Aggy Crumpton (6 seat) and Nick Ryan (5 seat) embrace.
Rowing 5k back to the CUBC boathouse into a headwind - a lot easier after victory.

Returning to the landing stage, the crew continued the tradition of throwing the cox into the river. Afterwards, the trophy presentation took place under Covid restrictions.

Cici takes a plunge.
The crew joins.
Both crews assemble: a successful event for lightweight rowing.
President Ed Lamb lifts the trophy.

2021 Nephthys 2-

The reserve 2- race was over 2000m from the same start as the Blue Boat race - just after Queen Adelaide bridge. It took place one hour before at 1pm, contested by athletes Matthew Hudson (stroke) and Lukas Koch (bow).

Coach Sam seeing off the Nephthys 2-.
Lukas Koch (bow) pushes off the landing stage.
Warming up while the opposition boat. The Cambridge Granta 2- included a member of their 2020 Blue Boat.
Paddling to the start.

Off the start, Oxford jumped out to a 3/4L lead to give themselves the upper hand in this sprint contest.

Bending the blade.
Nephthys kick away to clear water.

Moving away at a brisk stroke rate, the 2- pushed away to gain clear water. At 1500m in, steering had to be adjusted by both crews to go round a cruiser coming in the opposite direction. Although Cambridge closed the gap slightly in the final 500m, Oxford dug deep to stay ahead and take the win by just over a length.


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