If you are interest in representing Oxford in the 2021 Lightweight Boat Race, use the form below to get in contact with our President (Ed) and Coach (Sam). They are more than happy to answer any of your questions and give you information about summer training and the start of training in September.


OULRC rows on the river Thames at Wallingford, which provides excellent water conditions nearly all year round on a beautiful stretch, the longest on the river, which runs for around 10km between the locks at Benford and Cleeve.


We are very lucky to share the world class, Fleming Boat House with OUBC, OUWBC, and OUWLRC, where we have our own club room.


Our land training is at the world famous Iffley Road Sports complex, home of the first sub-4 minute mile where we train in a purpose built rowing gym which has a large amount of free weights, watt bikes, over 20 dynamic rowing machines, and a rowing tank. This is currently under re-development to become twice the size.


How much rowing experience do I need? At least a year’s rowing experience is recommended to be at the minimum standard upon arrival.


Where and when is training? We row from the Fleming boathouse in Wallingford with the other university squads, and use the Iffley Road rowing gym for land training. We train 10-12 sessions a week including on weekends. We try to arrange the water sessions around everyone’s work (a mixture of mornings and afternoons) and the gym sessions are scheduled for most weekday evenings.


What do I need to weigh? You will need to weigh less than 72.5kg on race days to compete as a lightweight while at full strength. The club and coaches have experience in weight management and will provide expert advice to help you with this; you should be no heavier than about 83kg at the start of trialling in September.


What do I need to weigh? You will need to be around 55kg for competitions.


Do I have to come to all the gym sessions? Coxes should be prepared to come to all land training with the rowers and your input there can be just as useful as on the water.


What sort of standard should I be at? You should consider yourself capable of coxing at least your college first VIII.


OULRC Fleming Boathouse
Chalmore Gardens
OX10 9EP

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