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Nephthys Regatta 2018: Get your entries in!

The Nephthys Regatta is an 800m race up-stream, from standing start. The course will be comprised of two buoyed lanes. The start will be at Longbridges and the finish the Cox stone. Racing will take place on Friday 16/11/18 and Saturday 17/11/18, with Seniors racing on the Friday and Novices racing on the Saturday. Racing will start at 1.30pm on Friday and 10am on Saturday and continue to dusk (approximately 4pm).


The regatta will be open to multiple categories of boats*:

· Men’s open coxed eights,

· Women’s open coxed eights.

· Novice coxed eights.

· Women’s novice coxed eights.

· Men’s lightweight coxed fours

· Women’s lightweight coxed fours.

· Men’s senior coxed fours.

Women’s senior coxed fours.

Men’s/Women’s open single sculls.

* Small boat categories may be scratched depending on entries.

**Entry will be via the OURCs system.


Up to 2 associates will be allowed in an 8+, and 1 associate in 4+ (this does not include coxes). Whether or not the associates will be allowed to race will be at the discretion of the race secretary.

Boating Times:

  • Boathouse island: When boating from BH island, crews should boat 15 mins before their race time

  • Univ: When boating from University College BH, crews should boat approximately 10 mins before their race time

  • Longbridges: When boating from Longbridges, crews should boat 5 minutes before their race time

Crews should refer to the draw for their race times.

Warming up:

Crews should note that the amount of warming up on the water is severely limited. With wind chill taken into account, it is likely to be cold. Make sure you do a sufficient land warm-up, and have enough warm clothing.

Lightweight Crews:

Lightweight crews will be asked to ‘weigh-in’ at 12:00pm on Friday, using a set of scales at Race Desk (Univ) or at Christ Church Boat House on Boat House Island. Individual crew maximum weight is 75 kg for men, or 62 kg for women. There is no requirement for an average crew weight.

‘Friendly’ Crews:

Friendly crews are crews entered into a novice event with a senior rower subbed in. These must be declared prior to racing. Friendly crews cannot progress further than the first round, even if they win their race.


Substitutions must be declared by 4am of the day of the race. In the event that a substitute is needed between races, the coach/captain must contact race desk. The decision whether or not to allow it will be made by the SU and the race secretary.


We are using a Victor Ludorum system, with a trophy for the overall winner (over both days). We are using the scoring system as follows:

  • Winning a regular race (Heats + QF) = 1 points

  • Winning a semi-final = 2 points

  • Winning the final = 3

The college with the highest overall score over all categories will win the trophy (which we will engrave).

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