Summer Squad 2012

OULRC summer squad program from 6th (28/05) until 11th week (01/07), kick off meeting at Iffley sport centre on Monday 28/05/12 at 6pm.

Following the great success in the last years, we will be running a summer rowing programme again, which starts right after Summer Eights and stretches from 6th week until 11th week. This is a great opportunity for everyone thinking about trialling for a seat in the 2012/2013 lightweight boat race campaign to experience rowing and racing with our club. So if you have ever considered rowing for the University, or would like to find out more about doing so, we'd like to hear from you. Ideally you would be under 85kg, and have at least a year's worth of experience at College level, but keenness and dedication are the only real essentials. We are hoping to run two VIIIs for the summer squad program and plan to enter two regattas at the end of 9th and 11th week, respectively.

There will be an initial kick-off meeting on Monday of 6th week (28/05) in the OUBC gym at Iffley Sports Centre (the gym next to the rowing tank) at 6 pm. As we would like to hit the ground running, we will use this opportunity to straight away have our first training session on the rowing ergometer, so please bring some training kit along with you. Afterwards we will head to the pub with people from the previous OURLC squads.

While we highly recommend the squad for anyone thinking of getting involved next year, of course we appreciate that some of you may have exams etc., and so would still like to hear from you even if you have limited to no availability this term.