Oxford wins 2013 Lightweight Boat Race

In 2013 for the first time, the Lightweight Men’s Boat Race was held at Dorney Lake due to a strong stream and high winds on the Henley Reach. Even the warnings accompanying the dramatic change of course could not prepare most spectators for the biting temperatures on Sunday 24th March, which plummeted well below freezing in the wind.

With the most physically fit squad the club had seen for years, the Dark Blues were favourites to win (despite the Cambridge Lightweight boat beating Goldie in a match race several weeks before) and there was heightened excitement in the crowd since the 3 previous Women’s races that day had all been won by Oxford. Fired up by the words of coach Bodo Schulenburg that they “were going to war and were going to win” Oxford set out to do what they did best and delivered a devastating first 500m which left Cambridge around a ¾ length behind. With Oxford pinning in their finishes and stroke Max Dillon setting a powerful rate 34 into the gusty cross-head, Cambridge rowing shorter strokes at rate 39 had no chance. Oxford continued to press away for the rest of the race and the final verdict was a convincing 1 2/3 length win for Oxford. The race was followed by a night of festive celebrations by all Oxford crews at the Henley Boat Races Ball.

2013 was in fact a year of ‘Dark Blue Dominance’ as the Oxford University won all 6 of their races against Cambridge.