OULRC Trial Eights 2013 - Swift beats Styles

On Sunday 15 December, the OURLC squad had the opportunity to demonstrate their progress so far this year. Two matched VIIIs raced one another over 2km in Henley-on-Thames. The course was the same as the Lightweight Boat Race against the University of Cambridge on Sunday 30 March.

The two Oxford crews - Swift and Styles - had shared honours in pieces during the week before. Swift would often start stronger before Styles settled into a faster race rhythm. True to form, Swift made a more aggressive start in Trial VIIIs. They were a length ahead after a few hundred metres. Styles, however, were persistent and maintained contact. As the boats raced past the Upper Thames Rowing Club (750m), the difference remained a length. Styles then made their move. They cut the distance down to half a length by the 1250m mark.

Swift, however, responded and halted Styles' surge. Aided by the stream, they pulled out to a length again by the 1500m. They kept this lead until the finish line. Ultimately the race capped off an incredibly productive and promising start to the year for OULRC. The squad will next travel to Nantes, France for a training camp between 28 December - 8 January. The 2014 Boat Race will take place on Sunday 30 March.


Swift - James Plimmer (stroke), Thibaut Leinart, Rowan Arthur, David Zimmer, Sam Whitehead, Marcus Henglein, Crispin Smith, Will Devine, Sean Cannon (cox)

Styles - Andrew Saul (stroke), Marshall Akita, Matt Ridley, Matt Kerin, Dan Bowen, James Ellison, Joe Mackay, Josh Sexton, Hannah Keenan (cox)