The Heineken Roeivierkamp and training camp in Tilburg

On the last Friday of term the OULRC Blue Boat and Nephthys headed to Amsterdam in order to race the Heineken Roeivierkamp. Over the 15h and 16th of March both eights raced four time trials. Saturday kicked off with an early start for the Blue Boat for a pre weigh in sweat down, and at 5pm the first race of the weekend began: 2500m as a head race, followed by a 250m sprint. The rest on Saturday evening was greatly welcomed, and by 10:30am on Sunday both crews were into the third race of the weekend: side by side 750m sprints. Topping off the weekend with a 5000m head race at 5pm on Sunday evening, both eights were pleased with their performance and the preparation for the Boat Race, and HoRR for Nephthys.

The Blue Boat and Nephthys 4- (which will be racing a Granta 4- on Friday 28th March in Henley-on-Thames, two days before the Boat Race, more details to follow soon), remained in The Netherlands for a five day training camp. Staying in accommodation a few hundred metres from the Vidar club boathouse of the University of Tilburg, who generously hosted us, with a 2500m stretch of flat water to train on, and away from the distraction of Oxford, both boats have gained greatly from the training camp. The blessings of sunshine, flat water, and twenty degree heat were also greatly appreciated by the squad, who had been preparing for the freezing temperatures endured by the 2013 OULRC Blue Boat at the same time least year.

We will be returning from camp on Friday 21st March, in time to race UTRC in Henley-on-Thames on Saturday.

Front row (left to right): Nephthys 4— James Plimmer (bow), Thibaut Lienart (2), Marshall Akita (3), Sam Whitehead (stroke)Back row (left to right): Blue Boat - Hannah Keenan (cox), Matt Kerin (Stroke), Andy Saul (7), Rowan Arthur (6), James Ellison (5), Bob Leonard (4), Marcus Henglein (3), David Zimmer (2), Dan Bowen (bow).