The OULRC Old Members' Association exists to provide a focal point for those who have rowed in, coached, or coxed OULRC crews. Of the approximately 250 people who would fall into this category, nearly 100 have become subscribing members since the organisation was launched in 2001. The Association has a dual role, firstly as a social organisation and secondly to co-ordinate fund-raising for the Club.

As well as providing newsletters on a regular basis, the Association organises 4 major functions in the year: the Trial Eights tea at Henley in December; the London Dinner, which is normally held the night before the Henley races; the Henley Boat Races BBQ on the day of the race; and the Henley Picnic, on the Saturday of the Royal Regatta.

Subscriptions are paid either to the OMA, or to the OULRC Trust Fund, both of which are used wholly to support the club. Both the Trust Fund and the OMA subscriptions are used to help the club provide professional coachingand in recent years these monies have paid a substantial portion of the coaching budget. Smaller amounts raised from the modest margins in the event organisation are occasionally made available to the squad for one off purchases.

If you would like to donate directly to the OULRC Trust Fund on a one-off basis please do so through our BT My Donate Page by following this link:

As the old members continue to grow (both in number and in age) it is increasingly important that changes of address, especially e-mail addresses, are communicated to the club so that we can continue to keep in contact via the newsletter and OMA function mailshots. Please send any updated details to Doug Turnbull.